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IT and electronic data processing (EDP) administration is no longer a purely technical matter: (Management) processes and legal aspects also have an increasingly important impact on the various subareas. In addition, cyber threats are constantly evolving. It is a challenge for small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to cover all possible aspects themselves, not least because they have to keep an eye on the costs. That is why we support and advise companies so that they and their IT can be configured optimally and profitably. We pay particular attention to the simplification of IT and EDP, because existing processes are often unnecessarily very complex and therefore overloaded.

Our goal is in no way to replace the IT or EDP department, which often operates in-house. Rather, we see ourselves as a source of strategic inspiration to rethink, update, optimize or, if necessary, reposition the corporate structure. We act as a reliable partner and always work independently to improve the IT and EDP quality management of our customers.

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What does IT checkup mean?

Whatever actions a business performs today, almost all critical processes only work with working IT. But it's not always optimally designed. We have made it our mission to help companies get the most out of their IT and thus also improve business-critical processes. What we do depends on individual requirements and wishes. On the one hand, we offer our clients an administrative checkup. This includes reviewing IT security, its costs and effectiveness as well as the integration of important processes. On the other hand, we also carry out purely technical checks and check the existing hardware and software, performance, usage and peaks, costs incurred as well as availability and reliability.

We carry out further individual checks at any time by appointment, combining elements of the technical and administrative checkups. Whichever checkup you choose, you will always receive a clear analysis of the status quo with concrete recommendations for optimization. Important points can usually be recognized and dealt with after a short time. It is important to us to train responsible employees intensively and to work honestly and effectively with our customers at all times.

How much potential is there in your business?

Many computer threats are not widely known and are only discussed when it is already too late. The crucial point is that the risks do not differentiate between companies. SMEs in particular can only benefit if they regularly discuss this issue and their experiences with experts on this subject - above all because it is not only a question of technical protection, but also of legal and organizational aspects.

In addition, many companies face internal IT and EDP issues – caused, for example, by skills gaps, ongoing innovation and transformation, upgrades or overly rigid systems.

Our checkup helps you to exploit the full potential of your business and to implement or plan specific requirements – sustainably and future-proof.

Our IT and EDP checkup includes among others things:

  • Reduction of running costs

  • More security in the company

  • Process automation

  • Current hardware and software

  • Process simplification

  • Selection of appropriate suppliers

This is why we are your partner for IT checkups:

In collaboration with the IT and EDP departments of our customers, we guarantee seamless processes. We are the neutral, external third eye that is at your disposal to advise you – both preventively and urgently.

What you can expect from our work:

  • Reliable checking of the internal IT structure

  • Clear and simple server and hardware structure

  • Vocational training of employees

  • Future system security (up to 10 years)

This is what our company fundamentally stands for:

  • Sustainability

  • Up-to-date hardware and software

  • High level of data protection

  • Good, honest and efficient cooperation with all partners

  • Transparent cost structure