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TCH-Support and system administration
What does system administration mean?
System administration: Why is it so important?

TCH-Support and system administration

As experienced system administrators, we see it as our job to provide professional IT support, especially to small or medium-sized enterprises and organizations. We develop individual and at the same time sustainable solutions and work closely with selected partners (electricians, domain and server providers, legal advisers, etc.).

The programs we use are always adapted to the respective work processes and are meticulously checked by us. These include Datev, Windows Server, cloud applications and others. In addition, we are specialists in the administration of servers and all network infrastructures with reliable experts at our side.

Our offer includes all areas of modern and stable system administration: From administration and monitoring to the further development of a company's networks and IT structures, we always act reliably, competently and quickly. In terms of internal IT, we also act as an adviser: We often work hand in hand with the company and only intervene in the event of serious problems.

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Here’s why we are your partner for system administration:

We are cross-industry and active throughout the German-speaking area. Many years of experience, maximum reliability, top quality and constant availability are the key qualities that we hear from our customers about our work. Their satisfaction with us can be seen in their long-term loyalty.

Incidentally, our activities also include the training of all users – both in the field of security and in the handling of hardware and software.


Of course, if necessary, you will receive a corresponding order processing contract for system administration or IT activities in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.