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AI consulting

Use artificial intelligence skilfully for yourself: AI consulting from TCH-Support


While some people are still sitting like the proverbial rabbit in front of the snake when it comes to AI, you can relax and enthusiastically get to work after our AI consultation and use AI to your advantage. Do not let your fears get the better of you and let us boldly get to the bottom of artificial intelligence together. How can we use it to our advantage? What is AI actually and how will it change our everyday live? Firstly, we need to make one thing clear: as we all know, knowledge is power. And AI, with its incredible access to big data and vast knowledge that is constantly evolving, is a powerful tool that we can use to make our work easier. Whether you are a micro-entrepreneur or a big player, everyone will realise: artificial intelligence is not just a smart toy; it is a high-performance rocket and it is waiting to be used for the benefit of your customers! We at TCH-Support will be happy to advise you on the ideal strategy for utilising AI.

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AI / AI has several definitions

There are several definitions for AI, depending on the information provided. AI is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence. It refers to the automated handling and processing of information in particular. Often things are labelled as AI that are not AI at all, such as robots that can speak. There are also subdivisions of AI, such as small AI and large AI. Large AI refers to more complex models that are used to understand human language, for example. Small AI processes simpler models.

So many new things you can use for your company

We are currently experiencing a massive change in many areas of our everyday lives as well as in our professional world in relation to artificial intelligence, which sometimes could feel overwhelming. But just as the train is not a hellish vehicle, artificial intelligence is not the work of the devil. Rather, it depends on your perspective. The question is not how can we continue to pursue our vocation despite artificial intelligence, but rather how we can best utilise artificial intelligence to our advantage and to the advantage of our customers? How can we get the most out of this technology?

Where can I use AI?

AI can be used in many different industries, from healthcare and finance to the automotive industry, retail, education, marketing and advertising, logistics, energy and the environment. AI is also used in the legal sector, for example for the automated creation of documents, legal research, process automation and legal analysis. Possibly soon for automated legal advice too? We will see. Finally, AI is also being used in the entertainment industry for areas ranging from personalised recommendations for films, music and games to content creation, animations and as virtual assistants.

Is my business model suddenly obsolete?

AI may have a huge impact on business ideas, making them seem obsolete to some in the long or even medium term. This is precisely why it is so important to look at the advantages of AI - because AI is not intended to replace creative intelligence, which is reserved for humans, but rather should enrich it. In AI consulting, you will find out how you can use AI for your company in a targeted manner - whether you are a small company or a big player. You will also find out whether a business model is becoming obsolete due to AI or only parts of it and how you can react to this.

Which jobs will be eliminated and which jobs do I need to strengthen?

AI experts agree that some jobs will disappear as a result of the new technology, but many new ones will also be created. Jobs that we could never have imagined will emerge. New apprenticeships and new degree programmes will also be created, and all at a rapid pace. Be part of it and actively shape this change.

Addressing the staff shortage - closing the gaps with AI expertise

When it comes to utilising new AI technologies, experts are pinning great hopes on the (at least partial) solution to the enormous staff problems facing many industries. AI can help to counteract the staff shortage, as many activities that used to take up a lot of time are now being taken over by AI. This frees up the capacities of existing specialist staff, who are relieved thanks to the tremendous performance of AI and have their minds free to focus on the essentials.

AI training - immerse yourself in the broad field of AI

In this short blog article, it is difficult to find out what specific benefits AI will offer your company and your industry. We would like to show you all of this in an AI consultation and in our AI training courses. Those cover DeepL, Machine Learning, BeautifulAi and ChatGPT, to name just a few.

Why you need TCH-Support

As a company, we are committed to sustainability. This means in relation to the environment, but also in our relationship with our customers. We want to support companies in getting ready for the future and therefore offer training and consultation in addition to our services. When it comes to AI consulting, we see tremendous potential for advancing the topic of sustainability, both in our own company and in our customers' companies. Our services include IT and system administration consulting and we are always up to date with the latest developments. We take a holistic view of your company and make sure that all relevant factors interact to ensure your success. You can rely on our expertise in all matters relating to IT security, data protection and the latest developments. Managing Director Gregor Ortega (M. Sc./Technical University of Munich) is an expert in website development, system administration and consulting and is also specialised in and certified for data protection.

We work with you to develop a unique, customised strategy

We help you to develop a professional, unique and customised strategy for your company so that you remain visible and on the track of success. Interested? Then contact us. We look forward to showing you the advantages of AI that will make a difference and really help you move forward.