Our offers for you:

  • Booking and reservation systems for click-and-meet or reopening

  • Installation of contact registration systems

  • Configuring of click and buy online

  • Setting up of live streams, webinars, video recordings and online training

  • Fast repair of computers, servers and other devices without direct contact: You send the device to us and we repair it within one working day if possible. You will receive the device by post or express delivery. All surfaces of the device are thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant beforehand.

  • Very fast creation of e-commerce offers, especially online stores.

  • Work on weekends and holidays for companies that need to quickly restore their IT infrastructure during the Corona crisis.

  • Setting up a home office

  • Quick, inexpensive and simple data protection advice in relation to working from home.

  • Quick and inexpensive revision of websites to offer online training, video courses, etc.

  • Assistance to doctors and other health professionals in terms of telemedicine.

  • Remote assistance for electronic data processing problems

We are happy to talk about individual payment methods in this time of crisis.